Icelandic Foals Born on our Farm 2018

Tyra and her first born daughter, Tandri and my first born daughter, Cheyenne

All the foals born here are imprinted to humans at the same time they bond with their dams.  It changes their lives forever and in a positive way.  They learn, nearly before they know anything else, that humans can be kind and good and not to be feared.  It is a deeper and different type of trust compared to horses that have to be gentled after they are already grown or half grown.  When humans are a part of their lives starting on day one, it is just accepted as a matter of fact.  They are easier to handle for the rest of their lives as long as the imprinting is done correctly.  There is a video clip "HERE" to click on to see the results of imprinting at birth on a 2 month old filly.

To see video of largest foal crop of 11 foals born in 2009 for Icelandic Thunder click Here

Cheyenne, my first born daughter with Tyra and her first born daughter, Tandri