Cheyenne sitting with Tyra and Tandri

Karamella from Icelandic Thunder

Svandis from Northstar

Svandis, US2001201889, daughter of Albina fra Ytri-Vollum and Kolskeggur fra Staerri-Bae ,  born in 2001 is a blue dun, stands 13 - 13.1 hh, well built, been there done that kind of mare.  She can be ridden by nearly anybody.  I don't have to sell her but would like to have her available to someone that needs this kind of riding horse.  Tolts easily and most likely 4 gaited but does have more whoa than go.  She is probably the safest, steadiest horse here on my farm. 

To see Svandis gaiting under saddle click "Here"

Karamella, US2009204211, daughter of Skinandi from 3D Ranch and Hlatur from Sundaze Icelandics, born Sept 2009 is a pinto palomino, stands 13.1hh, well built and easy to ride.  Very natural in gait and most likely 5 gaited but not trained in pace.   Imprinted at birth and very easy to handle and accept new things.  

To See Karamella ridden in the meadow, click "Here"