Silver Kitten as a weanling, silver grulla 

Rocky Mountain Mares, all grulla, on our farm

DJ's Steel Diva  2016484760, silver grulla certified to breed     S O L D

DJ's Steely's Silver Kitten  2014483659, silver grulla certified to breed

DJ's Foxy  2016484662, silver roan grulla certified to breed

Rocky Mountain Stallions 

Marshall 2017484910

sooty buckskin certified to breed

Jaywalker's Rascal 24525164

black       S O L D

DJ's Charm  2013045331, grulla daughter of Spanish Sundown

certified to breed

to see video of Rascal gaiting under saddle 10/17/2017 click "HERE"

to see Silver Kitten gaiting under saddle, click "HERE"

Charm's first filly, Lockett, silver black by Toby's Samson

to see video clip of Rascal in the snow, click "HERE"

Charm's 2nd filly, black by Rascal