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Solfari winter 2007-2008
Hlatur summer 2007

To view more pics of Hlatur click here.

To see additional pics of Solfari, click here.

To view Solfari ridden with gelding click here

To view Solfari being ridden in fast tolt, click here

 He is a sweet, very naturally gaited mellow fellow.  He is presently pastured with a breeding stallion but gets along with most any horse.   Born in 1999 and stands at 13 hh.  He is super gaited and loves to tolt.  He rarely breaks gait and is very bold on the trail.  S O L D

Bylgja is an imported mare born in 1995 and has a wonderful temperament and gait.  She has been used as a broodmare here mostly but has been ridden more now in the last few years since I have not been breeding.  More pics and pedigree of Bylgja can be seen by clicking on the link below.  S O L D

Bylgja with young blue dun son

Click here to see more pics and pedigree of Bylgja.

Click here to see mounted video of Bylgja

Bylgja Summer 2006
Hrafn X Hofi

This is Bylgja fra Bodmodsstodum a 5 gaited imported mare born in 1995.  She has had 2 blue dun fillies folowed by a blue dun colt for me by Vikingur and the stripes these fillies and colt have are incredible.  She is a very sweet mare with clear gaits.  She had a silver dapple black colt by Skyfaxi in 2009. 

Click here to see more pics of Bylgja.

Summer 2012, Cheyenne riding

Brana is a bay mare with a gait like a sewing machine.  She was born in 1997, 13hh, and a dream.  She has a great personality and is suited for any kind of rider.  She is a domestic bred.. 

Click to see Brana being ridden

Skass as a new riding mare, Machaela up Nov 2012
Vikingur X Bylgja

Skass is the blue dun daughter of Vikingur and Bylgja, born on our farm and now trained to ride.  She is a very big bodied mare like her mother and also tall like her father. 

To see Skass under saddle, click here:

Skass July 2010
Vikingur X Bylgja

Kanga spring 2007, daughter of Randalin
Zimba X Randalin

Kanga from Icelandic Thunder is the blue dun daughter of Randalin.  She also has the creme gene and surprised us with a palomino filly by Hlatur in 2009.  She was born in 2003 and is very special with the sweetest personality.    She produced a beautiful blue dun colt with Vikingur in the spring of 2008.  Her gait is easy to find and she has recently been trained to long line and will soon be trained to pull a cart.  S O L D


Click here to see Kanga ridden in arena

Click here to see Kanga being long lined

Brott, silver bay dun filly July 2010
Skyfaxi X Audbra

Brott is a domestic mare born 2008.  She is a silver bay dun and sports leg bars and a dorsal stripe.  She is trained to long line and has been a riding horse for a few years now.  S O L D


Click to see Brott being longlined

Stjarni X Slemma

This is Gullfaxa fra Gimli a chestnut mare born in 1997.  She is a bit shy with strangers but has a heart of gold.  She has great gaits and wonderful conformation.  She had a palomino filly in 2009.  She had a bay dun colt in June 2016.  S O L D


Click here to see Goldy being ridden

Click here to see Goldy ridden in meadow

Click here to see Goldy and her 2016 colt video

Perla Fall 2005
Geysir X Gola

This is Perla fra Akranesi, an imported dark blue dun born in 1995.  She has wonderful gaits and is a fantastic riding mare.  She had a beautiful black and white tobiano filly, Flicktra by my stallion Hlatur in 2007.  She had a blue dun colt by Vikingur in 2009.

Click here to see more pics and pedigree of Perla

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