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Gandi with Denise up, May 2011
Broddi X Ima

Gandi is a rare blue dun gelding born in 2004.  He loves the trail and seems to love to explore.  He is very willing and will go where you point him.  He stands 13.1hh and also has a really nice smooth slow gait.  He is well socialized with horses and also likes people.  His dam can be seen on our farm.  He is being offered at $6000  S O L D and living in NY

Gandi, July 2011 Cheyenne aboard
Broddi X Ima

To view video of Ghandi being ridden click here:

Here is another video of Gandi, taken March 2014

Ima is a dark bay/black domestic bred born in 1997, 12.3hh.  She is very sweet and willing.  She has had one foal, a blue dun male, Gandi and he is also for sale as a trained riding gelding.  She gaits easily and has fingertip control.  She is offered for sale at $6000.  S O L D

Ima with Cheyenne aboard, July 2011

To see Ima on Obstacle Couse, Click Here:

To see Ima gaiting to music, click here:

Ima, July 2011

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Oct 2009, Cheyenne up
Kolbakur X Mysla

Click here to see more pics of Disa.

This is Disa fra Hviteyrum, a 5 gaited liver chestnut imported mare born in 1994.  She is a mare anybody can ride.  My children ride her with me on trail rides.  She had a red dun filly by Vikingur in 2009.  Disa has been S O L D.

Arora Fall 2007
Kolskeggur X Stjarna

This is Arora fra Keldudal a 5 gaited imported red dun.  She was born in 1994 and is absolutely wonderful.  My young children ride her on trail rides with me.  She had had 3 foals thus far and they have all been spectacular.  Her last foal in 2009 is a palomino filly by buckskin stallion, Solfari.  Arora was euthanized, Dec 2014 due to unknown illness that compromized her beyond recovery.

Click here to see more photos and video of Arora


Elle, yellow dun
Zimba X Julia

Elle is a Zimba daughter and we think she is a very beautiful yellow dun.  She stands 12.3hh and was born in 2004     S O L D

Click here to see pedigree and more pics of Elle


To see video of Elle in gait, click here

To see video between Elle's ears in gait click here


This is Drifhvit from Alwazabrez, born in 2003 a blue dun, turned grey.  She was just started under saddle (January 2018) and has a wonderful 4 beat, even tolt.  She is granddaughter of a wonderful Lettir fra Ey I.  Both her parents are here on my farm.  She is very sweet and will follow you all over the fields.  She is on the smaller side at 12.2hh but built well.  She will be able to carry most adults easily.  She has very long mane without even trying to keep it that way.   S O L D



To see Drifhit being ridden, click here:

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