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Elva Winter 2007
Ljoska July 2013
Solfari X Arora

Ljoska was born on my farm in 2009 and started under saddle Sept 2013.  She has taken everything in stride and is so willing and has been so easy about everything.   She is still very green.  Her price will increase as training progresses.    S O L D

Ljoska, Oct 2013 with Cheyenne aboard

Click here to see more pics of Elva.

This is S.C. Elva, a smoky black dun (globrun) domestic mare born in 1989.  She also has a dorsal stipe and dun characteristics but also has the creme gene.  She was bred by Elisabeth Haig on the Saga Ranch in California.  She has a very sweet personality and is naturally gaited.  She has given us some wonderful foals. She had a silver dapple black with the creme gene filly in 2009 by my silver bay stallion, Skyfaxi, who I am retaining.  She had a filly by Vikingur in 2011 after I sold her.  Elva has now been S O L D and living in Martinsburg, WV.

Elding with Cheyenne aboard, May 2011

To see video of Elding being ridden by a 12yr old girl, click here:

Elding is a domestic bred chestnut mare born in 1994 and is 13.2 hh.  She has had two foals, both fillies and one of them is still available on our farm.  Elding is a very calm, laid back gal.  She is an alpha mare and usually takes command of a herd but is not an agressive leader.  She is easy to ride and is very willing.  She is very brave and is not easily spooked. Elding has now been S O L D and will be living in FL (near the beach)!

Audbra, half sister to Sylsa with her 2007 colt
Skyfaxi X Audbra

This is Audbra fra Arbakka with her 2007 SD bay colt.  She is imported, chestnut in color and born in 1999.  She has a wonderful temperment and also has great gaits.   Audbra has been sold and living in VA now.  I have retained her last daughter, a silver dapple bay dun to keep her line going.

Vina summer 2007

This is Vina Eir fra Curtis a domestic born in 2003.  She is by Faldur fra Toftum a first prize stallion standing at the Rock Ranch.  She is chestnut in color and stands 13hh.  She had a red dun colt by Vikingur in 2009.  Vina has been sold as of August 2010.

To see more of Vina, click here:

To see pics and pedigree of Skinandi, click here:

Skinandi with first foal, palomino filly Sept 2009
filly (Hlatur X Skinandi)
Tinna with Cheyenne aboard, May 2011
Tinna with Cheyenne aboard, May 2011

Tinna is a domestic bred blue dun mare born in 1994.  She is a big bodied mare and stands at 13.2.  One of her sons, is a red dun, Broddi.  She is a very calm and laid back kind of gal.  She is willing and easy to ride. Tinna is now living in PA with another one of my previous horses, Skystrokur.  S O L D

Kara, May 2011
Krummi X Elding

Kara is a 9yr old bay mare, half sister to Dahla and also half sister to Broddi.  She stands at 13.1hh.  She has a gait more like a walking horse's running walk and is smooth.    Kara has been  S O L D.  She is now living in Morgantown, WV and so close I can visit her often!

To view Kara on the obstacle course click here:

To view Kara gaiting to music, click here:

Broddi with Cheyenne up, May 2011
Krummi X Tinna

To view Broddi gaiting to music, click here:

Broddi has been S O L D and now living in PA.

Broddi, June 2011 Cheyenne aboard
Dahla, May 2011
Broddi X Elding

To view Dahla on the Obstacle course click here:

To view Dahla gaiting with Nat, click here:

Dahla is a 8yr old chestnut mare.  She has a tolt just like her sire, Broddi.  It is easy to get and keep as it is her favorite way of going.  She is very goey or forward and will give you speed if you ask for it.  She is very brave on the trail. My 12yr old daughter, Cheyenne rides her bareback and loves her gait.  She is an alpha mare like her dam in most herds.  She loves people and their attention on her.  She stands at 13hh. Dahla has now been S O L D and living in MD.

Drekkie July 2011

Drekkie is a silver dapple bay gelding born in 2002 and stands 13.1hh.  He is domestic bred and nearly a carbon copy of his sire, Skyfaxi.  His gait of choice is tolt and he does it wonderfully at liberty and under saddle.  He is offered for sale at $6000.   S O L D

Drekkie, July 2011 with Cheyenne aboard
Skyfaxi X Birka

To see Drekkie on the Obstacle Course, click here:

To see Drekkie gaiting to music, click here:

Drekkie, early spring 2011
Skyfaxi X Birka
Reykja, July 2013
Vikingur X Randalin

Reykja was born on my farm in 2007, sold as a weanling and ended up back on my farm after she had her first filly in 2012.  She had been started by someone before she was bred.  We restarted her late summer 2013 and she has remembered most of what she was taught.  She is a smoky black, carrying the creme gene from her dam, Randalin.  She is very sweet and very willing.  She is very gaited and the first time she was asked for more than a walk she went right into perfect tolt.   S O L D

Reykja, Oct 2013 with Cathy up

To see Reykja gait alongside Ljoska, click here

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