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Skyrkur July 2010
Perla X Vikingur blue dun colt
Strykur July 2012

Klipa, the palomino out of Fonn and by Hlatur was born in 2011 and is presently 2yrs old.  She is for sale at $3000.  Klipa has been  S O L D.


Klipa, July 2013
Hlatur X Fonn
Tofa July 2010
Vikingur X Elva red dun
Tofa July 2010
Vikingur X Elva red dun

This is Tofa, born 7/20/2008 daughter of an imported blue dun stallion, Vikingur and a domestic smoky black mare, Elva.  She was imprinted at birth so easy to handle and loves people.  She has great gait, temperament and conformation and will make a great trail mare one day.    S O L D 
Tofa is now living in Shinnston. WV and I am watching her grow up!

August 2009, Folstolfur
Vikingur X Bylgja
August 2009, Folstolfur
Vikingur X Bylgja
summer 2009
zebra striped legs
Folstolfur June 2010

This is a blue dun colt, Folstofur born in 2008.  He was born to an imported stallion and imported mare.  Imprinted at birth and super easy to handle.  He has a wonderful personality and gait and could make an exceptional stallion but a great gelding as well.  He is large and I expect him to mature to 14hh like his sire.   S O L D

Vina July 2010

Vina was born in 2003 and has developed into a beautiful mare.  She stands at 13hh.  She was bred to Vikingur in 2008 and produced a gorgeous red dun colt in 2009. 

Tryggur July 2010
Sysla X Solfari palomino colt

Tryggur has now been S O L D and living in Indiana with his cousin, Kambur.

Kraftaverk August 2010
Solfari X Gullfaxa

Krafty has been S O L D and living in Bridgeport WV.

Kako has now been SOLD and living in MD with his half sister, Dramsyn.

Kako June 2010
Bylgja X Skyfaxi chocolate SD colt
This is the only foal we had born in 2010.  (below)   She is chestnut in color like her dam, Sysla.  S O L D.
Daela, June 2011
Solfari X Sysla

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