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To see pics and pedigree of Fonn, click here:

Fonn with Denise up
Kolskeggur X Hespa

Fonn is a domestic bred palomino bought as a weanling to add Kolskeggur blood to my herd.  She mixed so easily in my band of mares, she has never seen a stranger (human or equine).  She had a beautiful palomino filly by Hlatur in 2011.  She has foaled 2 Sept 2018 to a silver dapple black filly by Skyfaxi.

Svandis, Feb 2011
Kolskeggur X Albina

Svandis is a blue dun domestic bred and half sister to our palomino mare, Fonn.  She has a creme gene like Fonn and hopefully someday will have a buckskin dun foal.

To see more pics and pedigree of Svandis, click here.


This is Skessa from Alwazabrez, smoky black with star and snip, color tested for creme, mare born 2002.  She stands 13.1hh and super sweet.  Alpha mare in most herds and just recently put under saddle by Bo Wright.  She is nicely gaited and usually goes right into a even 4 beat smooth tolt.  


To see Skessa under saddle and gaiting like a dream, click here:


This is Glosokka from Alwazabrez, a chestnut mare carrying an agouti gene that can produce bays, standing 13.2hh, full sister to Skessa, born in 2005.  Started under saddle now and doing great.

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