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Cheyenne on newly trained Kanga July 2013

Kanga from Icelandic Thunder Pedigree

Kanga and son Fall 2008, Safir
Vikingur X Kanga
Kanga and her filly June 2009
Hlatur X Kanga

                                                                                      Keilir from Saga California
                                     Svanur 3 from Saga California
                                                                                      Blauma from Saga California
Kanga from IcelandicThunder           
                                                                                      Leiri from Saga California
                                     Randalin from Saga California
                                                                                      Princessa from S.I.C.

Randalin summer 2007
Randalin is a domestic dunskin tobiano pinto and was born in 1988.  She was the oldest member of our herd and came from the Saga Ranch in California.  She has excellent gaits and passes them on to her foals.  She has the widest body and the thickest of mane and tail.  Randalin had a sooty buckskin filly by Skyfaxi in 2009 and I will be retaining her for breeding and riding in the future. 
  Randalin has been sold and living in Arizona now. 

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