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Hlatur from Sundaze Icelandics

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Hlatur (Laughter)

Hlatur winter 2007-8
Hlatur summer 2007
Hlatur spring 2006
Summer 2008
Just had a bath

Hlatur is a 5 gaited red and white tobiano that came to the US in utero.  He is by first prize stallion, Hilmir and out of a second prize mare, Stjornudis.  He is a very happy horse that is always a joy to be around and work with.  He presently has a gorgeous black and white filly now 3yrs old, a palomino yearling filly out of a blue dun mare and a palomino pinto filly out of a smoky black mare.  I may retain all three fillies as Hlatur has now been sold with a retained breeding.

Hlatur's  Pedigree

                                                                             Jarpur fra Holum
                                                        Kolskeggur fra Flugumyri
                                                                                       Gamla-Mosa fra Flugumyri
                            Ofeigur fra Flugumyri
                                                                                       Jarpur fra Holum
                                                        Kengala fra Flugumyri
                                                                                       Gamla-Jorp fra Skarastooum       
Hilmir fra Saudarkroki
                                                                                       Hrimnir fra Vilmundarstodum
                                                       Gaski fra Hofsstodum        
Freyja fra Hofsstodum        
                           Herva fra Saudarkroki
                                                                                       Hrafn fra Holtsmula
                                                       Hervor fra Saudarkroki
                                                                                       Sida fra Saudarkroki

                                                                                       Gustur fra Saudarkroki
                                                       Pytur fra Enni
                                                                                       Brunka fra Enni
                          Vordur fra Enni
                                                                                       Dolgur fra Holum
                                                       Tinna fra Enni
                                                                                       Bjork fra Enni
Stjornudis fra Solheimum
                                                                                       Hrafn fra Holtsmula
                                                       Krummi fra Solheimum
                                                                                       Lukka fra Solheimum
                          Blesa fra Solheimum
                                                                                       Stjarni fra Solheimum
                                                       Faxa fra Solheimum
                                                                                       Faxa eldri fra Solheimum

Hlatur Foals

Flikra spring 2007
Hlatur X Perla
spring 2008, filly
Hlatur X Disa
Flickra July 2010
Hlatur X Perla
Hlatur X Skinandi palomino pinto filly Sept 2009
Ljosfara June 2012
Hlatur X Kanga
Got Gait?
Hlatur X Skinandi

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