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We have some wonderful mares that make up the majority of our Icelandic herd.  Some are imported and some are domestic bred.  They have been hand picked based on temperment, gait and conformation. 

To see more pics and pedigree of Flikra, click here

Flikra July 2013
Hlatur X Perla

Flickra, black and white tobiano born in 2007 on my farm, daughter of Perla and Hlatur. She is nicely gaited with a wonderful personality.  Just had a beautiful dark dun filly by Vikingur fra Arbakka 15 Sept 2018.


This is Vinka, a red dun born in 2007.  I bought her back twice so now she is with me to stay.  She is a daughter of Tyra, my first Icelandic and by Vikingur.  Super gaited, not trained in pace but could do it.  Very goey.  Ready to do whatever you ask of her.

To see video of Vinka playing with a ball click here:

To see more pics and pedigree of Vinka, click here

Elding is a blue dun born in 2007.  She was sold twice and bought back, like Vinka and will remain here for as long as I do.  She is a Elva daughter, like Jara but sired by Vikingur.  I want to breed her to Skyfaxi soon.


To see more pics and pedigree of Elding, click here

Karamella, July 2011
Hlatur X Skinandi

Karamella, half sister to Flickra is a palomino tobiano born in 2009.  Sure she is 5 gaited but not trained in pace.  

Jara, June 2012, silver dapple black with creme
Skyfaxi X Elva

Jara is based black with a creme gene, silver dapple gene and some dun characteristics.  She was born in 2009 and is a true joy here.   Very large bodied and an easy ride.  Currently bred to Vikingur for a 2019 foal.

Foa, meaning (red fox) is a red dun born in 2009.  She is one of my larger mares, like Jara and has a wonderful personality.  Currently bred to Skyfaxi for a 2019 foal.

To see more pics and pedigree of Foa, click here

Foa July 2012
measured at 13.1hh Vikingur X Disa
Farfus July 2012
Skyfaxi X Randalin

Farfus, meaning (wanderer) is a sooty buckskin dun born in 2009.  She is surely 5 gaited but not trained in pace.  She had her first filly in May 2018, a blue dun daughter of Vikingur.

To see more pics and pedigree of Farfus, click here

IMG_0751crop.jpgFeather in June 2018

To see more pics and pedigree of Feather, click here

Feather is one of my youngest riding mares.  She is the daughter of Reykja and Hlatur but didn't inherit the spots from her daddy.  She is big bodied like her momma and doing great under saddle.  Her gait is easy to find.

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