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We presently have 3 fantastic Icelandic stallions on our farm.  Our senior stallion, Skyfaxi from Rhythmhill is the son of Gustur from Wiesenhof, first prize stallion pictured on the Icelandic brochure.  He is a silver dapple bay just like his sire.  Vikingur fra Arbakka was imported from Iceland as a weanling and is a zebra striped blue dun.  Vindur from Icelandic Horse Farm, is a palomino son of Lettir fra Ey I and will get his first mares in the spring of 2018. 
Hlatur from Sundaze Icelandics was brought over here from Iceland in utero.  He is a red and white tobiano pinto.  Hlatur has been sold now as of August 2010.  Solfari from 3D Ranch is a domestic bred buckskin with Saga Ranch blood running thru his veins.  Solfari has been gelded and sold and living in another part of WV.

To see more pics and pedigree of Skyfaxi, click here:

Skyfaxi at 3 years old
Vikingur summer 2006

To see more pics and pedigree of Vikingur, click here:

To see youtube video clip of Vikingur gaiting and join up with my 11 year old daugter, Click here:

To see more pics and pedigree of Vindur, click here:

This is Vindur from Icelandic Horse Farm, born in 1995, son of Lettir fra Ey I.  He is a big boned 14 hh stallion with a super gentle, sweet soul.  He has sired several really wonderful offspring, some of which can be seen on my farm.


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