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Vindur was evaluated Nov 4, 2000 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was judged at 7.47 overall.  He was trained in pace but only rated at 5.5 in pace, which dropped his overall significantly.  He is presently building muscle being pastured with a coming 2yr old Rocky Mountain colt.  Would like to restart him under saddle soon but breeding season is fast approaching.


Vindur's Pedigree


                                        Smari fra Solbakka

Lettir fra Ey I

                                        Fifa fra Ey I

                                        Randver van de Fitjamyri-Hoeve

Vindottur from Figjamyri 

                                        Pia fra Gilsfjardarbrekku 

These are some of Vindur's foals as mature mares


This is Fogur from Alwazabrez, born in 2005 out of Stiena


This is Beta from Alwazabrez, born in 2002, out of Hrina.

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