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Icelandic Horses at Icelandic Thunder

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Icelandic Thunder  550 Hackers Creek Rd,  Philippi  WV  26416-7198 | Phone: 304.457.4238   email:


Me and my first colt, Cayuse 1980
Kiff, my first stallion, 1982
Holding my baby 1980

I have been in love with the horse since I can remember.  I was not allowed to own one until I was out on my own at 21 years.  I had worked at a Standardbred racetrack in my teens and learned from the ground up on how to care for them.  I bought my first horse, an Island pony on Antigua and trained her to ride in the Ocean.  My love only grew.
We bought our farm here in Philippi, WV in the fall of 1997 after living downrange for eighteen years.  We started raising Arabians in 1998 and had our first child in 1999.  Our second child came in 2001 and when they were both toddling around outside I began to worry.  I loved my Arabians but it did not seem to matter how much time I spent with them I just couldn't get the jump out of them.  If the wind blew a leaf in front of them they reacted.  I will be the first to admit that I may not be the best of horse trainers but I had to handle them every day.  I began to do some research on the internet to find a safer, more predictable breed so that I could raise horses and children together.  I discovered the Icelandic and Rocky Mountain at about the same time.  I now have two herds of horses here on my farm and am so pleased with the both of them.  Their temperments are actually very similar being laid back and docile and both have smooth gaits.  I am presently leaning more on the Icelandic side of the fence but both are fantastic horses for my family.  We do not crossbreed because both breeds are in themselves a total package. 

Our Kids on Disa and Palli 2007
(Click to enlarge.)

Icelandic Stallions standing for stud to our mares on our farm include:

    • Skyfaxi from Rhythmhill  (silver dapple bay)
    • Vikingur fra Arbakka  (zebra stripe blue dun)
    • Vindur from Icelandic Horse Farm (dark palomino)

We are proud members of the following organizations:

    • USIHC    United States Icelandic Horse Congress
    • RMHA     Rocky Mountain Horse Association

Swimming with one of my youngsters 1982?

Icelandic Thunder * 550 Hackers Creek Rd * Philippi * WV * 26416-7198 Phone: (304) 457-4238

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